Junior Bowling Regional Players Tour

              2013-14 Tour Schedule 
   AMF Noble Manor
How do we get there?
                                                               JBRPT Schedule
                                            CHECK-IN 8:30-9:30AM       10AM START (UNLESS NOTED OTHERWISE)

SATURDAY May 3, 2014                            Noble Manor Lanes, Pittsburgh, PA     9 am START

May 11, 2014                                                  Russell and Jeanne Nesbit Memorial Scholarship Tourn $1,000 added

June 1, 2014                                                            Parkersburg, WV    OVER $1,000 ADDED

June 8, 2014                                 Mt. Lebanon Lanes    TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS

To:2440 Noblestown Rd.
Pittsburgh, PA 15205
Number and Street:
           SCHEDULE CHANGE NOTIFICATION!!! AMF Noble Manor has moved from 3/2/14 SATURDAY May 3rd    9 AM START