September 2012!
                       Sorry for the delay and updates...

The JBRPT has been delayed with updates due to a computer failure. We had a new laptop in box as a back up, however it was Windows 8 and some things had to be rebuilt. We have finally got things up and running.

Since our Sim's event which seems like forever ago, we have updated points and made re-rate adjustments. We have also finally got our end of season schedule finalized. There are some date changes to events we had scheduled so we could get the Brunswick Zone Belle Vernon make up in. Trying to get things in with everything else going on has been difficult. We do realize that the schedule dates will conflict with other things but we need to end the season without going all summer to finish. We also understand the finalized dates may also now conflict with someone's plans or vacation's and we are indeed sorry for this. It's another reason why we hate to cancel for weather.
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