September 2012!


                           JBRPT Congratulates Our Legacy Lanes Champions  
                                Division 1: Joe Ducko - Legacy Lanes 
                                 Division 2: Taylor Smith - Sims Lanes
                                 Division 3: Casey Friese - Emerson Lanes, Parkersburg, WV
                                 Division 4: Jared Shaner - Kings Lanes
                                                November 16th - Next Event                                                                                                                                         


Sunday, November 16th will be the next JBRPT event at Brunswick Playmor Bowl. Brunswick Playmor will host the Playmor Classic and will be another Junior Gold Qualifier held by the JBRPT and the second of three toy collections for our Salvation Army's Treasures for Children Program.

We are again asking for a new toy to be brought or a $5.00 donation towards the purchase of a toy. This is not a requirement, only participate at your discretion.

The Junior Gold Qualifier portion entry fee will be $40. If not a JG member, we will have member forms on site and will be $30 for JG membership. 

JBRPT Members $30 entry + $40 JG Entry = $70 If JG membership needed add $30
Non Members    $35 entry + $40 JG Entry = $75  If JG membership needed add $30
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                   October is breast cancer awareness month!
                       Playmor Bowl  
Congratulations to our Junior Gold Winners!

   Jared Shaner, Nick Beirer, Amanda Balas