September 2012!


       Tomorrow's  JBRPT Event has been cancelled to to weather concerns. 
  The tour waited as long as we could to get the latest forecast for tomorrow. Forcasts are saying the moring may be tricky with freezing rain but mid-day and afternoon is when road conditions are to deminish quickly. This is when we all would be heading home.

  Late Saturday Afternoon, Tour Director Ben Lewis made the decision to play it safe. "We have to look at not only travel to the event, but we also have to get home and the afternoon could put people in a bad situation and that's where I can make a decision that avoids that. We can always bowl another day."

We have talked to some Beckley, Charleston, and Erie, PA that already started their journey and had hotel rooms booked only to get the news that we cancelled. We appologize for this inconvenience. We will be working with Brunswick Zone Belle Vernon on reschedule date.

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Tomorrows Event at Brunswick 51 Cancelled!
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