September 2012!


                         Next Event This Sunday, November 30th                                                                                  Kenneth Rager Memorial                                             
                                           Added scholarship money + Junior Gold!!!   

Sunday, November 30th the JBRPT travels to Stan Smolnicky's White Oak Bowl who will host a JBRPT special event...The Kenneth Rager Memorial. Ken was a man who served in the US Navy for 10 years before returning home to raise his 6 kids and then later in life fell in love with bowling. His love for the game found him instructing youth programs at Brunswick 51 and then at White Oak Bowl in the 80's and early 90's. He also worked for the Greater Pittsburgh Ten Pin Association and paticipated in the sport until his un-expected death in 1995. He was close and dear to the JBRPT and to White Oak Bowl. There will be another Junior Gold Qualifier held by the JBRPT and the final of three toy collecti ons for our Salvation Army's Treasures for Children Program.

We are again asking for a new toy to be brought or a $5.00 donation towards the purchase of a toy. This is not a requirement, only participate at your discretion.

The Junior Gold Qualifier portion entry fee will be $40. If not a JG member, we will have member forms on site and will be $30 for JG membership. 

JBRPT Members $30 entry + $40 JG Entry = $70 If JG membership needed add $30
Non Members    $35 entry + $40 JG Entry = $75  If JG membership needed add $30
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